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Nine characteristics of an ideal small business

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The barriers of doing business in Bangladesh

The World Economic Forum has recently published a survey report in which it is stated that the three factors-inadequate infrastructure, corruption and inefficient bureaucracy are the main barriers for the entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. But even than, some companies like Beximco Group are doing well. They have expanded business in many sectors and became successful.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-15, 21 percent of businesses have no adequate supply of infrastructures and it is the top barrier of doing business in Bangladesh. Among the top three barriers, corruption places in the second as 20.7% businesses points at it while inefficient government bureaucracy being mentioned by 15.3%. According to the experts of Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), these top factors are the most problematic factors for doing business for long time as there is an inadequate effort to lessen the extent of the effect of those factors. However, the entrepreneurs predicts better economic…

A new beginning in business: The era of the customers

The world is progressing at an outstanding pace. Bringing about packets of ideas with every blink of an eye, the business world is churning with rapid motions of newer perspectives. Interestingly, in the past few decades, business sector of Bangladesh has been rising at an impressive rate.

Till the last decade, various Bangladeshi companies followed the age old axiom:”better, faster, cheaper”. But things started to happen rapidly in the past few years. Business innovations that could produce a faster sum of products started to thrive. Companies like Citicell, , Pran, ACI, Beximco etc. left no stones unturned to obtain maximum quantity of products.  Also came new ideas. Initiating from new styles to technological breakthrough, search for the ultimate business formula started and continued. Observing the success, the competitors caught up and adapted these method soon enough. Unfortunately, the criteria of core differentiation between them reached a minimum. Gradually the entrepreneurs…

Face-to-face meeting is better for business

In this modern age of technology any individual can communicate with anyone else within the matter of seconds thanks to cellphones and internet. Many Bangladeshi businessmen utilize this opportunity to communicate with their partners and clients via technology rather than meeting them face to face. But is it really the best way to go for a successful business?
Some of the most successful corporate houses of Bangladesh were established in an era where face to face meeting was the only option for communication with clients and other associates. Even after several decades those companies are still going strong. The key factor behind this incredible success is just one simple fact- face to face meeting.
The impact of social media and technology is obvious in this age. But here are some major reasons why face to face communication beats any other method for a successful business:
A face is better than a thousand voices In the recent past there has been an upsurge of online stores in Bangla…

Small Business Marketing - Three Tips For Success

People find business marketing of small starting money tough to establish having less option to make it successful. That is why most people think it as a waste of time and money and never tries to set up such types of business. This is found more realistic when the people try to hire professionals or “Branding” consultant but can never make it up having a bad experience.

If we talk about hiring consultant for marketing, a person need to be sure about the consultant that he knows the most efficient way of marketing.

But sometimes, money is a problem. Not everybody has the ability to consult someone but using various approach ways and planning the work can be done without facing any economic difficulties.

Three Small Business Marketing Strategies For Success
Firstly the service given by the business people should be so good that people like and appreciate it. Most people say that they will give the best service but it is not as easy as it seems. Also the way they are thinking is the way…

The economy of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a low-income country. But it has a stable economy. Bangladesh has the second most ‘pro-capitalist population’ in the developing world to give another boost to the economy. Between 2004 and 2014 the average GDP growth rate was 6%. Now it is over 6.5%.

Since independence in 1971 the economy of Bangladesh has made a gradual progress. Now Bangladesh is considered as part of the Next Eleven Emerging Market and one of the Frontier Five. Before 1980, the economy was largely dependent on jute and jute products. From 1990s onward, textile, garment, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding ceramics, leather goods and electronics came forward. Beximco, ACI, Square Group are the market leaders.

And today, the economy of Bangladesh is led by export-oriented industrialization including the garment industry and the textile industry. Garment industries contribute the most. Up to 6-8% of the total growth of the country comes from the sector. Now, there are more than 5000 garment industries across…

Bangladesh's fashion industry

Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses up. Fashion industry is the product of modern age. In the past tailors and dressmakers were undoubtedly responsible for the innovation of fashion and changing fashion as well.

Actually fashion depends on taste of people. For this reason fashion varies from region to region.  Before 20th century most of the dresses were handmade. At the beginning of 20th century fashion magazines were more responsible for adopting and changing fashion. But at present media, social network, fashion websites play the most important role for changing fashion.

Though the people of Bangladesh have a unique fashion of their own, they also follow the fashion of many countries. For this there is huge opportunity for the fashion industry to grow. As a result, depending on the taste of Bangladeshi people a huge number of fashio…