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Beximco Group to construct power plants

Country's largest company Beximco Group signed a treaty with China Energy Engineering Corporation on developing several energy projects. China Energy Engineering Corporation is a Fortune 500 Company and currently one of the biggest power solution supplier companies in China and in the world.

CEO of Beximco Power Company Ltd, Ajmal Kabir, signed the agreement at Beximco Group’s head office. President Fu Hongwei signed the agreement on China Energy Engineering Corporation's behalf. Beximco Group’s chairman Sohail F Rahman, its vice chairman Salman F Rahman, director Shayan F Rahman and Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ma MingQiang were present at the occasion.

After signing the agreement, vice chairman of Beximco Group, Salman F Rahman said that it was a significant day for the company. He said the projects will have significant contribution in the energy sector of Bangladesh. Salman F Rahman is one of the top businessmen in Bangladesh and has always looked for new and challenging ventures. Signing agreements with China Energy Engineering Corporation of four energy projects is another feather to his list of contribution to Bangladesh's economy.

Beximco Group plans to work on four major projects in Bangladesh with China Energy Engineering Corporation. Among these four, one is an 8MW capacity solar power plant to be developed at the Beximco Industrial Park premises, one is a 660MW coal fired power plant, and one is a 200MW solar power plant in in Gaibandha. The fourth one is on setting up a large nationwide distribution system. All projects will be developed with state of the art technology.

Bexomco Group was founded in the early 1970’s by Sohail FRahman and Salman F Rahman. The company has strong presence in both domestic and international markets.


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